b. 1989 (London, UK)
For enquiries contact: rhiannon.inmansimpson@gmail.com

I pull the green vertically to the top edge and back down again, like a figure or a breath or just a feeling of being vertical in the world.

Night comes down creeping into me, soft tentacles of darkness making my verticality turn horizontal. A softness covers everything on these nights. There is still a hint of pink out there and I put it under the dry purple corner, just above the night. There are shipwrecks under the sand here. I bring the blue inside until it just about touches the pink. Shapes wrap around each other until they are holding each other close and I am radiating heat as I step out into the half light half awake cool breeze and wet grass on my feet.


11. May - 7. June 2022
Residency at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, USA

2022 Residency at Pamflett, Bergen, Norway

11. November - 31. December 2022
Solo at Pulpo Gallery, Germany


3. - 26. February 2022
Solo at Bobinska Brownlee New River Gallery, London

18. December - 15. January 2022 Bird Box Gallery, UK

27. November - 18. December 2021
North Devon Artist Residency, UK

19. November - 23. December 2021
Thinking Out Loud, group show at Pulpo Gallery, Germany

4. - 31. October 2021
Residency at Kiosken Studio, Bergen, Norway

18. - 26. September
Tree of Life, group show at Electro Studios Project Space, St. Leonards-on-Sea, UK

28. August - 18. September 2021
On pause in the edgeless air, solo show at Galerie Julien Cadet, Paris

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